Monday, May 17, 2010

Monster Manual 3 Boosts Monster Damage?

Update May 21: The Slime Devil preview is out now. It's Level 16 and has at-will powers that cause 3d8+11 damage (the same as the Mimic, also at Level 16). I just hope they either give us the table they're using (though it probably won't be difficult to figure out) or at the very least update Monster Builder so it gives the new numbers.

Judging from the MM3 preview of the Mimic, and the Dark Sun previews in the latest Ampersand editorial, it looks like R&D at WotC has boosted monster damage, at least for the higher level monsters.

All of the higher level monsters have damages significantly higher than what their role and Page 42 of the DMG would indicate (6d10+ for Nibenay!).

Considering how one of my themes of this blog so far has been that higher level parties are not sufficiently challenged, this is welcome news.


  1. It also seems like the classes from the PHB3 are also amped up quite a bit as far as damage goes. I recently playtested some of them with my group who all felt that the tested level 2 characters they were running would lay waste to their level 4 (almost 5) regular characters. I wonder if it's a trend at WoTC R&D?

  2. mmmyep. Magic the Gathering has suffered the same for years.... you simply can't play the game with old cards now...