Sunday, February 21, 2010

Avoiding the Dead End Branch (Part 2)

As I wrote in Part 1, my campaign hit a major snag when the players surprised me by deciding to attack 200 drow.

As played at the end of that session, which was near quitting time anyways, the drow then counterattacked and although the vast majority of them were minions, they still managed to drop all the PCs.

Unfortunately this threatened to destroy what campaign plots I had for this group.

After discussing it with my players, I gave them the option to either bring in new characters, still use the old characters, or start a completely new campaign.

In the end, two of the players brought back previous characters who they'd semi-retired, two brought in completely new characters, one is keeping his old character (who will be raised) and one was a very surprised player upon returning from his vacaction. :-)

In the end, I decided to have the 'new' party join up with the goliath warden, who then managed to found the bodies of their friends. They discovered that it was impossible to raise some of the characters (their destinies had been fulfilled), but the goliath barbarian (the brother of the other goliath) could be raised. That player was missing from this session though.

They then proceeded to the tribe that the new drow sorceror belonged to (the previous destination of the party), and were eventually attacked by the sole remainders of the tribe, who had been taken over by tsochar. Unfortuately this combat took 2.5 hours to run...a subject of one of my next posts.

I did however have a plan what to do if the players wanted to keep their current characters en masse. Basically the idea was that I'd retcon the last 60 seconds of the previous session in that they'd been knocked unconcious by sleep poison, not killed.

One reason is that the guy who ordered the killing was only the negotiator, not the chief. The 'out' was that they'd have to play a game of tatchli, which would be based on the Aztec game, that involved having the losers get killed.

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  1. We should do an alternate reality session where the Drow used poison arrows, allowing the party to live (maybe briefly) and play a game of Tatchi.