Wednesday, January 27, 2010

What I want WotC to do in 2011

Mike Shea, in a guest post on Critical Hits, posted what he wants WotC to do in 2011.

I absolutely agree with him regarding the Dungeon Delve and additional flavour text (especially for monster descriptions). I also like the idea of a 4e Unearthed Arcana.

I doubt that WotC will re-do MM1 but I think they should at least modify the monsters in DDI.

Here are some of my suggestions for 2011:

1. DON'T do another adventure path in Dungeon. I haven't gotten any use out of it at all. Maybe I could have used some, but especially by late paragon and Epic levels the adventures really are more of a path than usuable for individual adventures. Having one of the full sized adventures taken up by something that requires an 18 month commitment isn't good in my opinion.

2. DO do more adventures, period, in Dungeon. I was looking through my old Dungeon magazines from the early 90s and was amazed to see at least 4 if not as many as 6 adventures in each issue. Yes, it was only a bi-monthly magazine then, but still, one of the big deals about Dungeon is the ability to give DMs something to use without much additional work. I do love the Chaos Scar idea, but would like more higher level adventures.

3. DO more high Paragon/epic level Adventures. Except for the adventure path and the E1-3 modules, we have I think, two Epic adventures?

4. Embrace the computer age, especially with the iPad. Develop some iPad apps, or at the very least, put the 4e rulebooks into the iBooks store.

5. For the 2011 Campaign setting, DO Mystara.

Okay that last one was wishful thinking.

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